Nhat Hai Project Technology Joint Stock Company established in 31/03/2003, previously known as Orange Informatic Communication – OIC (established in 13/10/1997). OIC NEW TECHNOLOGY is seperated from the Research and Development Sector of OIC and OIC NEW TECHNOLOGY is a stand alone company.OIC NEW TECHNOLOGY specializes in applied research, technology transfer receipt Nano; Production and Distribution of products Nano Curcumin, Nano Iron, Copper Nano, Nano Silver Nano Calcium, Titanium Dioxide Nano, Nano Silicon Dioxide, Chitosan Nano, and Nano Sensor materials. OIC NEW TECHNOLOGYwill become the first company in Vietnam specializing in producing high quality nano, starting from the production of nano products for industrial, agricultural and then proceed to the production of high-end products for nano medical services. 

OIC New Technology Introduce

- Established 13/08/2009

- Enterprise code:  0104128935

- Chartered capital: VND 60 billion

- Company's legal representative: Dr. Luu Hai Minh

- Position: Chairman

Area of work: Researching, transferring, receiving and applying nano technology in agricultural, environment, industry and biomedical.

Target: Sales of 1 billion dollars in 2035. Own more than 100 invention certificate about nano technology and more than 100 transferring contract. (Currently own 3 license of  invention and 1 transferring contract).

Our professions: Working with all scientists in Vietnam (Mostly the top scientists that retired from Lab and University that dealing with nano technology).

Vision, Mission  Values Vision: Inspired by the brilliance of nanotechnology, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that create a cleaner and brighter world for generations.

Mission: We strive to unleash the brilliance of nanotechnology to provide great opportunities and safe environments for our communities. Our success will deliver sustainable and rewarding growth for our people, customers, partners, suppliers and investors.

Our Family Values: Caring Safety is paramount for our family members and the communities. We act with openness and fairness in all our relationships, respect others and value their diversity. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions & performances and have a personal sense of ownership of the business.

Collaborative: We are committed to working together. We believe in clear communication and looking at things from different points of view in order to really understand what you need. This way we can build a leading team to deliver excellence.

Passionate: We are passionate about what we do, going the extra mile to challenge the status quo, and constantly striving to improve. We are never satisfied with mediocrity and are driving the business forward. We lead innovation in nanotechnology solutions by being inquisitive and enterprising.

We demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism & integrity through everything we do. We are focused on our business objectives and getting a good result. We are constantly learning and use our knowledge, expert skills to get things done

Company name

Nhathai New Technology., JSC

Established date

13 August 2009

Representative and consultants

DBA. Luu Hai Minh – Chairman

Dr. Bui Quoc Anh - R&D Director

AS. Prof Ngo Van Hien –CFO

Dr. Ngo Van Hoa – Security Director

Vu The Phuong - Superintending Officer

Doan Tien Cuong- Director of Overseas Department

Nguyen Bao Nghia- Manager of Overseas Department

Tran Hai Yen –CMO –Marketing Director

Dr. Nguyen Minh Tam– Director of Experimental Biology Department

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